SmartBee, Hive GPS Tracker

SmartBee, Hive GPS Tracker

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When turned ON, the device starts locating the hive.

SmartBee should be placed inside the hive under the frames to be well hidden for better protection.


In case the hive is moving, the tracking mode is triggered. You will immediately receive Alerts through the mobile App and via the SMS service.


You will be able to track the hive’s movement and find out the new location using Google Maps.

  • Tech features

    General Information

    • Dimensions: (117 x 79 x 24) mm
    • Enclosure Material: ABS Plastic
    • Operating Temperature: -40 °C / 80 °C
    • Color: Blue / Gray
    • Built-in Battery, 5000 mAh
    • USB Charging
    • GPS/GNSS Geolocation
    • GSM/GPRS Communications
    • SIM Card Included
    • Sensors & Connectors
    • Accelerometer Sensor


    Device Features

    • Fast Motion Detection Tracking Mode
    • Transhumance Mode
    • Power-Saving Mode
    • OTA Update (over-the-air update)


SmartBee is designed by IRIS Technologies SA, a startup launched in 2016 by passionate Engineers and bee enthusiasts in Tunisia.


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