SmartBe+, Hive GPS Tracker & Monitoring

SmartBe+, Hive GPS Tracker & Monitoring

وحدة SKU: SBP
$130,000 سعر عادي
$117,000سعر البيع

SmartBee+ is a cutting-edge device providing beehives' Monitoring & Tracking features.


The device is equipped with a GPS tracking subsystem, an embedded Temperature & Humidity Sensor, and an extra GSM antenna.


More extra sensors can be plugged into the SmartBee+ device to provide the best precision beekeeping experience for our community such as the Brood Humidity & Temperature sensor, the roof opening sensor, and the weight scale.

  • Tech features

    General Information

    • Dimensions: (117 x 79 x 24) mm
    • Enclosure Material: ABS Plastic
    • Operating Temperature: -40 °C / 80 °C
    • Color: Blue / Gray
    • Built-in Battery, 5000 mAh
    • USB Charging
    • GPS/GNSS Geolocation
    • GSM/GPRS Communications
    • SIM Card Included
    • GSM Antenna


    Sensors & Connectors

    • Humidity/Temperature Sensor
    • Accelerometer Sensor
    • Brood Hum/Temp Sensor Connector
    • Magnetic Contact Switch Connector
    • Load Cell Connector


    Device Features

    • Fast Motion Detection
    • Tracking Mode
    • Monitoring Mode
    • Transhumance Mode
    • Power-Saving Mode
    • Variable-Frequency Data Transmission
    • OTA Update (over-the-air update)


SmartBee is designed by IRIS Technologies SA, a startup launched in 2016 by passionate Engineers and bee enthusiasts in Tunisia.


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